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Anglo American

Frequently asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most common questions about applying for jobs at Anglo American online.



What is the purpose of BLAST?

BLAST aims to attract and recruit the brightest and best young talent exiting university and by giving them diverse exposure across the company in real and meaningful roles, they will develop skills, knowledge and experience to equip them to become part of the talent population in the company.


Why is it called BLAST?

BLAST stands for Building Leaders and Shaping Talent. It is a useful acronym to describe the aims of the programme with an obvious mining association.


How does the programme work?

On BLAST there are 3 real jobs across 2 continents in 4 years. The key word “real” is used to ensure that the incumbents are provided with roles that are challenging, engaging and developmental, equipping them with the necessary skills to add value to the company. All BLAST roles follow standard organisational performance management processes.

Each person on the programme has a tailored career path to ensure maximum development and exposure whilst on the programme. The first role is closely aligned to the discipline that a person has studied. This is often a position which will enable the person to achieve a professional qualification such as a Government Certificate of Competency. Ideally the second role is an international assignment which enables the person to fully grasp the complexity of working in a global organisation. This is also aligned to the person’s study discipline but has a different focus or exposure to another commodity. The last role is important and should be positioning the person for their future career as they exit the programme and enter one of the Anglo American Business units. The career path is discussed regularly with the person to ensure all parties’ needs are met.

All employees are permanently employed.


How long do you spend in each role?

The length of each assignment or role varies according to what the business requirements are. Ideally they are equally spaced over the programme duration, but will ensure maximum development. If a person requires a professional qualification, this will be accommodated.


Is the programme exactly 4 years?

No. BLASTers can exit the programme at any stage, depending on the experience gained and when suitable opportunities arise within the company that they can take advantage of.


What are the Developmental/training opportunities on the programme?

We encourage BLASTers to continue to develop whilst on the programme. Besides the opportunity for diverse on-the-job learning through different roles and international exposure, we also support part-time education with an internal bursary programme. The aim is to further develop skills in the area of study. BLASTers are also encouraged to attend the Anglo American Group Leadership programmes (The Achiever Programme and The Programme for Management Excellence courses) that are delivered by the Gordon Institute of Business Science.


Where are International assignments placed ?

Anglo American has offices and operations in Southern Africa, North America (Canada), South America, London and a number of exploration sites worldwide. All of these places are potential locations for a BLASTer to be placed, where they could work to gain experience and multi-commodity exposure.



Anglo American does not have a specific quota for the programme. Every person selected for the programme gains a place based purely on merit. Numbers vary each year and are dependent on the calibre of people.



The BLAST programme has an exceptionally high retention rate. All BLASTers that completed the programme have been placed in suitable roles with the organisation at the end of the programme.


What are we looking for?

To be considered for the BLAST Programme, an applicant will need to be graduating with a four year or post graduate degree in disciplines that are relevant to our business, in particular Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Finance and Business Science studies.

In addition, an applicant to the BLAST Programme would need to demonstrate strong leadership qualities, possess drive and ambition and a passion for new challenges. It is also essential that he/she actively participates on campus and in the community.


Is the BLAST programme 5 years or 4 years?

Historically, the BLAST programme was 5 years in duration however, given the change in the business portfolio, we have opted to run the programme over 4 years instead.