Anglo American




Why did you want to work for Anglo American?

I came to know the Anglo American brand whilst in high school. It is a mining company with a strong South African and global footprint that has great credibility. Whilst at university I got to know more about the company in that it employed high quality professionals with a wealth of knowledge and sees its people as its greatest asset. My interest in the company grew. When starting my career at Anglo American, I knew I would receive the growth opportunities I needed to become a high quality global professional.


What attracted you as a graduate?

I graduated with a BSc Geology and an Honours degree in Geology and Hydrogeology from the University of Witwatersrand. Being a graduate I was looking for a company that shares my values. A company that has expert professionals with a competitive edge and are not afraid to do things differently. A company that is a global leader with a proven track record and is continuously reinventing itself with all the exciting changes in technology. And finally, a company that makes a difference in the lives of local communities it operates in. Anglo American is that company for me.


What programmes did you take part in?

I am currently part of the Anglo American BLAST (Building Leaders and Shaping Talent) graduate programme in South Africa and the experience has been a rewarding one thus far. I have attended TAP (The Achiever Programme), an Anglo American initiative to develop young leaders, by building a strong awareness of self in the context of the world of business and reconciling this knowledge with their role in the dynamic world of sustainable business.


What advice would you give to graduates who want to embark on a career at Anglo American?

Graduates must make the most of all the opportunities given to them, because it is these opportunities that will prepare them for a career at Anglo American. They should not just excel in their studies but also volunteer, do sports, start an organisation with friends and be more than just their qualification. In that way they will be prepared to join an organisation that wants to support them in achieving their goals.


What differentiates the BLAST programme to other graduate development programmes in the market?

The BLAST programme is an intensively personalised development programme that is preparing you to become a leader with a difference. Whilst other graduate programmes prepare you for a particular job within the same function or commodity; the BLAST programme offers you the opportunity to become a multi-disciplinary professional with cross functional, cross commodity international experience. You are groomed to be a leader without boundaries, making a lasting difference in today’s dynamic world.


Which opportunity has benefited you the most, from a career perspective as an Anglo BLASTer?

One opportunity I benefited from was when I was working as a Hydrogeologist at one of our Iron Ore operations in South Africa. The experience I received there was significant in that my work was part of key technical work that ensured efficiency and optimal productivity by mitigating risks and ensuring dry mining conditions. I am also honoured to have been mentored by the Anglo American Group Lead Hydrogeologist who has a wealth of knowledge with global experience.


What challenges have you had to overcome in your role as an Anglo BLASTer and how did you overcome them?

One challenge I had to overcome was when a group of graduates were assigned a task to come up with practical technology solutions that will improve efficiency in the mine and prepare a presentation for the business unit Head of Technology. This was challenging because having to work with different people meant having to take time to accommodate each other and find common ground to work on. Although tough at times, constantly reminding the team of the goal helped. We found a way to collaborate and use our diversity as our strength. It took team work, commitment and understanding of self and others. We ended up winning the challenge.


Have your personal and professional goals been met on this programme? And if so, how?

I have always believed that you are made up of the people you know, the books you have read and the places you have seen. The people I have met have become an important part of my professional and social network. My goal of furthering my studies is well underway. The places I have seen and yet to see, have enabled me to learn about other cultures and languages, grooming me to becoming a leader without boundaries.